Virtual Learning Resource Paks


Virtual Learning Resource Paks (VLRP) are designed to provide you with all of the tools needed to easily facilitate online choral instruction. Each VLRP includes:


  • Reproducible PDF of select Choristers Guild Anthems and Sing! Choral Titles

Purchase of the VLRP comes with a non-transferable license which gives the owner permission to photocopy the anthem/octavo for their performing organization. Each VLRP will feature a fully reproducible choral score PDF with all vocal parts and accompaniment.

  • Part Dominant Tracks

To aid singers in learning their parts, each title includes Part Dominant Tracks. Each learning track provides a note-by-note, word-by-word rendition of the song for each individual part in the song. The other vocal parts are sung quietly in the background along with the accompaniment, if applicable.

  • Accompaniment Track

The purchase of each VLRP includes digital accompaniment tracks, not only for aid in rehearsals, but also for performance use, if necessary. These are high quality accompaniment tracks with full instrumentation, where applicable.

  • Rehearsal Resource Page

Each title comes with a Rehearsal Resource Page (RRP) which includes a solfege chart, warm-up activities, vocabulary, a general teaching guide and extension activities. For the sacred anthems, the RRPs will be more devotional in nature, while still offering valuable teaching strategies and extension activities.


CGB1169 Come, All Ye Shepherds

CGAD1 Come Be the Light

Mark Patterson


CGB1176 Good Christian Friends, Rejoice

CGAD2 In God's Hands

Arr. Erik Whitehill


CGB1177 Good Christian Friends Rejoice

CGAD3 God is Here Today

Tom Trenney


CGB1187 He Is Born

CGAD4 Yes, Jesus Loves Me!

Tim Osiek


CGB1188 He Is Born

CGAD5 Yesu Azali Awa

Mark Burrows


CGB1170 Redemption

CGAD6 The Heavens are Telling

Mark Patterson


CGB1171 Redemption

CGED1 A Call for Peace

Jerry Estes

Three-part Mixed

CGB1172 Reflection on For All the Saints

CGED2 Elijah Rock

Victor C. Johnson



CGB1167 Spiritus Sanctus

CGED3 Jambo Rafiki!

VIctor C. Johnson

Three-part Mixed

CGA1181 A Welsh Folk Tune

CGED4 Shenandoah

Arr. Andrew Parr


CGED5 This is Who We Are

Mark Burrows


CGED6 Uskudar

Mark Burrows