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CHPKT Choral Packet

Choral Packet
Price: $30.00 Quantity

Missed a recent Choral Packet due to a membership lapse?  Or perhaps you've just joined as a member, but won't receive your first Member Choral Packet til next season and you want to see the current new music for this season?  Or you're not a current member, but would like to receive this season's newest music?  No worries!  Add this CHORAL PACKET item to your cart and we'll send you the most recent Choral Packet you've missed. The price is $15 for current members and $30 for nonmembers.


Each Choral Packet includes one copy of each of Choristers Guild's newly published anthems and a CD with full demo recordings for each.


Limit 1 packet per season per person. If you order more than one packet we will send you one copy of each available packet, beginning with the most recently published. We usually have the two most recent packets available.


Want to receive TWO terrific Choral Packets each year automatically as part of your membership, only $78 per year or $36 for students?  Join or renew here.