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CGE161 A Cappella! Volume II - TB

A Cappella! Volume II - TB

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COMPLETE EDITION (Reproducible; Rehearsal Resource Pages included) Volume II in the popular A Cappella! series features nine concert and festival selections for young and developing TB choirs from creative writers Greg Gilpin, Victor C. Johnson and Mark Patterson. The Complete Edition is reproducible and also includes a Rehearsal Resource Page for each piece, a unique and valuable teaching/rehearsal tool which features Solfege; Vocabulary; and Preparation and Extention activities, carefully crafted for each selection by Greg Gilpin and Victor C. Johnson. The Choral Edition, ideal for use as a judge's copy or for your singers, is not reproducible and the Rehearsal Resource Pages are not included. Comprised of one spiritual arrangement, two folk song arrangements and six original selections in a variety of styles and including texts by famous poets Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Epes Sargent, this collection is an exceptional value and a great resource for your music library.    


Subtitle: 9 Selections for Concert and FestivalVoicing: Two-part a cappellaComposers: Victor C. Johnson, Greg Gilpin, Mark PattersonContents: Sing, Brothers, Sing! (Victor C. Johnson); Nine Hundred Miles (Arr. by Greg Gilpin); Daybreak  (Mark Patterson); Baraka Na Wewe (Victor C. Johnson); The Water Is Wide (Arr. by Greg Gilpin); Laudate Dominum (Mark Patterson); Little Innocent Lamb (Arr. by Greg Gilpin); A Life on the Ocean Wave (Victor C. Johnson); Great Men (Mark Patterson)


Additional Resources:CGE162 Choral Edition (Not repoducible; Rehearsal Resource Pages not included) $9.95

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