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CGA118 Of Singing

Of Singing

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The cover of this anthem has the entire text of Wm. Byrd's 'Reasons to learn to sing' from which composer Jane Marshall selected the anthem words. Matching the text to four different moods of the ancient modes (or scales) she comes up with tone colors seldom experienced in today's church anthems. The Dorian mode of the 1st section has a similar feeling to natural minor scale. The Lydian mode, of the 2nd section, is very bright, like a major scale with a raised 4th degree. The Phrygian mode, section 3, is very somber, like a natural minor scale with lowered 2nd degree. The 4th section, 'Since singing is so good a thing', uses the most contemporary of the scales, the Mixolydian. It is a major scale with a lowered 7th degree, and this is characteristic of much of our present rock and folk music.


Voicing: Unison with piano or organ


Composer: Jane M. Marshall


Text: William Byrd (1588)

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