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CGIN20 Love Vast as the Ocean (harp version)

Love Vast as the Ocean (harp version)

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As Rain From the Clouds, a hymn found in the Evangelical Lutheran Worship hymnal, has been arranged by Karen Buckwalter, for 3-5 octaves of handbells alone, harp alone or handbells and harp together. A separate version for a 26 string lever harp is also available.   Based on the familiar Scottish tune, AFTON WATER (Flow Gently, Sweet Afton), the lyrics of the hymn speak of God's Word as rain from the clouds and soil for good seed to grow.  Appropriate for any Sunday, this lovely, lyrical arrangement will also be a great change of pace in a concert or festival setting.


Composer:  Jonathan Spilman


Arranger:  Karen Lakey Buckwalter


Tune source:  AFTON WATER


Season:  General


Additional Resources:

CGB927  As Rain from the Clouds (3, 4 or 5 octaves handbells)

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