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CGGIA1 Movable Tonic: A Sequenced Sight-Singing Method Teacher's Edition

Movable Tonic: A Sequenced Sight-Singing Method Teacher's Edition

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Movable Tonic is a comprehensive sight-singing resource, perfect for daily practice or an entire curriculum.

Because this resource includes each of the important pedagogical steps needed to teach sight-singing effectively, your students can become independent music readers.


-Lesson plans carefully guide teachers and their students, building skills to last a lifetime.


-Assessment component specifically connects to learning objectives.


-Step-by-step teaching strategies reflect the latest research in music learning.


-Pitch system (movable do) and rhythm system (traditional, beat-based rhythm numbers) are presented as independent concepts prior to merging.


-Sequencing provides innovative options for multileveled settings that include beginning, intermediate, or advanced levels.


-Abundant music examples and transferable practice drills reinforce each concept.


-Specific lessons to guide the transfer of reading skills to classroom repertoire.


Author: Alan C. McClung

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