Choristers Guild has stepped into the world of podcasting! We launched our show called Open Fifth - hosted by Russell Almand - in 2019. On this podcast we talk about all types of music topics that apply to schools, churches, and community music groups.

New episodes are released every Wednesday evening at 6 CT on our YouTube channel.

You can find older episodes posted below.



November 13th - Starting a Choir with Ashley Danyew (S1 E6)
Ashley Danyew of joins us on the podcast today to talk about how to start choirs. Whether it be a church choir, children's choir, community choir, or handbell choir, Ashley is here to help us see what the process is for getting it started.



November 6th - Navigating School Music with Victor C. Johnson (S1 E5)
Composer and School Choral editor Victor C. Johnson joins us on the fifth episode of the Open Fifth podcast as he discusses some of the challenges that arise within school music work. Whether it be working with administration, implementing curriculum, or working on your budget, Victor gives many helpful tips for all types of school directors.



October 30th - Navigating Church Music (S1 E4)
In this fourth episode, host Russell Almand takes us into the church music world and talks about some different tips on how to navigate some of the specific challenges arise in church music, primarily through communication.



October 23rd - Maximizing Time and Talent (S1 E3)
In this third episode, host Russell Almand dives a little bit into the world of maximizing the time you have in rehearsals (and out of rehearsals) as well as utilizing the talents of people around you to bring the best possible result. Get your mind ready to brainstorm as you take these ideas back to your rehearsals.



October 16th - Nurturing the Young Voice (S1 E2)
In our second episode, sacred choral editor Katie Houts joins us to explain what children's choir directors can do to nurture young singers. Katie dives into tips on ear training and gives practical games and exercises one can use in rehearsal.


October 9th - Intro to Music Publishing (S1 E1)
Today we are diving into the world of music publishing, specifically choral music. Where does a composer start as he or she writes a piece? How do composers and publishers work together? How do you know what publisher to use? All these questions and more are addressed in today's episode.



October 2nd - Teaser (S1 E0):