Welcome to the Getty Music Series


Choristers Guild is proud to be partnering with Getty Music. Our composeres and editors have crafted choral arrangements of three of Getty's most beautiful hymns that are available now in our store.


About Getty Music

Getty Music is a name you likely recognize as the home of modern hymn writers Keith and Kristyn Getty. Keith says they are excited to introduce their music to more choirs.

"We have worked with over one thousand choirs since we came to America -- we think it is an extraordinary way to build singing, community and culture and so we are looking forward to hearing increasing numbers of choirs singing the music and bring able to recommend Choristers Guild to those we have worked with."

Our relationship with Getty began as participants in the Getty Music Worship Conference presented annually in Nashville. Like-minded in mission, we saw great opportunity in working in music together.

"Writing music that builds deeper faith, higher art, and vibrant singing. Now that is a vision and a dream to keep us going," Keith says. "As I look to the world of my daughters and potential grandchildren, I have many fears, but I have tremendous hope in the Christian faith being passed down generations by beautiful singing. That's what it was for me."


2019 titles:

I Will Wait for You




New from the writers of In Christ Alone, comes this inspiring hymn of trust and devotion. This Getty hymn is masterfully arranged for adult and youth choirs by bestselling composer, Victor C. Johnson. Based on Psalm 130, this emotional, powerful setting paints a vivid picture of God's mercy and grace. Features an optional soloist and a reproducible congregational page.

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The Lord Is My Salvation



The bold statement of faith in Psalm 27 soars in this new hymn from Keith and Kristyn Getty, Nathan Nockles, and Jonas Myrin: Who is like the Lord our God? Strong to save, faithful in love; my debt is paid and the victory won: the Lord is my salvation. Arranged for unison/two-part voices with a sensitive, supportive piano accompaniment, this is a wonderful selection for an older children's choir, youth choir, or women's ensemble.

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Magnificent, Marvelous, Matchless Love



How great, how sure; His love endures forevermore! Magnificent, marvelous, matchless love! This exuberant Getty hymn is bursting with energy and life - set here for combined adult and children's choirs. Themes of creation and redemption provide the lyrical backdrop for all ages to sing about God's matchless love. Incorporating Psalm 136, this is wonderful piece for any time of year, especially appropriate for Easter and Thanksgiving.

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