Choristers Guild, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, enables leaders to nuture the musical and spiritual growth of children, youth, and adults. We are a membership organization and music publisher that provides educational resources and training for educators and choirs leaders. This page provides a sampling of Choristers Guild resources for music educators, including webinars and articles from The Chorister bimonthly magazine (typically available only to members.)


The quality of our choir's sound is so important. Tone and intonation are the two musical characteristics most immediately perceived by an audience. Alongside presenter Emily Floyd, we'll explore steps to improve choral tone so that your choir sounds special and compelling. A great refresher for any choir, especially helpful for those entering contest season!

In this webinar, we talk with Vic Oakes about working with boys whose voices are changing.

Believe it or not, yoga is a good habit for a singer to get into. Particularly, the stretches - which, according to Melissa Keylock, the artistic director at the San Diego North Coast Singers and a yoga instructor, can encourage good posture, stage presence, and breathing in your singers.

Susan Eernisse joined the Choristers Guild webinar series to discuss "What to Teach and When: Scope and Sequence for Preschool to Primary Choirs"


In our second episode, sacred choral editor Katie Houts joins us to explain what children's choir directors can do to nurture young singers. Katie dives into tips on ear training and gives practical games and excercixes one can use in rehearsal.

Composer and School Choral editor Victor C. Johnson joins us on the fifth episode of the Open Fifth podcast as he discusses some of the challenges that arise within school music work. Whether it be working with administration, implementing curriculum, or working on your budget, Victor gives many helpful tips for all types of school directors.

Articles from The Chorister: