Mail: Choristers Guild, Attn: Orders, 12404 Park Central Dr., Suite 100, Dallas, Texas 75251

Stock Order Periods

Nov 15 - Dec 20 ................ Payment due Mar. 1

Apr 15 - July 30 ................. Payment due Oct. 1

Note: Stock orders are allowed only during stock order periods.  Stock orders must be billed and shipped to one destination only. Stock order merchandise is nonreturnable. 

New Issues

New Issues will be offered in three categories: Sacred Choral, Sing! School Choral, and Handbell. The initial new issue shipment will be sent at a 55% discount, with the exception of limited discount items (see list below).  These items will be issued at a 45% discount.  New issues are not returnable. Sacred Choral and Handbell New Issues will be sent twice annually - May and November. Sing! School Choral New Issues will be sent once annually, in May. 

Limited Discount Items (Maximum 40% discount)

DVDs, CDs, Instrumental Parts and Orchestrations for Octavos and Musicals, Preview Kits, Reproducible Collections, Books, Curriculum, Teaching Resources and Tools, Posters, Stationery

Drop Shipments

A charge* of $5.95 will be added on all drop shipments.

*Note: Orders that qualify for both a dropship and minimum order charge will only be charged one of the two.

Minimum Dealer Order Charge

A charge* of $5.95 will be added to all Dealer orders below $50.00 retail cost.

*Note: Orders that qualify for both a dropship and minimum order charge will only be charged one of the two.

Same Day Charge

No rush fee is assessed to dealers except for extreme circumstances. If an order is placed by 12PM Central time, it is likely that it will ship out same day.

Dealer Account Policies

Payment for regular (non-stock) orders is due within 30 days of the order invoice date.  Choristers Guild requires payment in U.S. Dollars. Any invoice discrepancies must be reported within 30 days from the date of the invoice. 

International dealers must pay by credit card at time of order.

A fee of $30.00 will be assessed to the Dealer's account if any check is refused for payment by the bank.

Any account past-due 90 days may be placed on a stop-ship status until payment is made.

Any account past-due more than 90 days may be turned over to a collection agency without notice.


DEALER DISCOUNT CHART (current through Dec. 31, 2017)

Classification Wholesale Yearly Sales New Issue Subscriber Proof of Advertisement Daily Discount
1 $8000+ Yes Yes 50%
2 $8000+ Yes No 45%
3 $8000+ No Yes 45%
4 $8000+ No No 40%
5 $4000+ Yes Yes 40%
6 $4000+ Yes No 35%
7 $4000+ No Yes 35%
8 $4000+ No No 30%
9  Less than $4000 Yes Yes 30%
10  Less than $4000 Yes No 25%
11  Less than $4000 No Yes 25%
12  Less than $4000 No No 20%


2018 DEALER DISCOUNT CHART (beginning Jan. 1, 2018)

Classification Wholesale Yearly Sales New Issue Subscriber Daily Discount
1 10,000+ Yes 50%
2 $8,000+ Yes 45%
3 $8,000+ No 40%
4 $4,000+ Yes 35%
5 $4,000+ No 30%
6  Less than $4,000 Yes 25%
7  Less than $4,000 No 20%