HARRIET ILSE ZIEGENHALS (b. 1925) is founder director of the Jubilate Singers. For 23 years she was founder director of the Community Renewal Chorus and All God's Children of Metropolitan Chicago. She has toured with this group overseas on five different occasions. A graduate of the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music and the University of Cincinnati with a Master of Sacred Music from Union Theological Seminary in New York City, she sang under Robert Shaw for 12 years and at the Casals Festival under Pablo Casals for three summers. Harriet has worked in church, school, and community serving as music director, organist, workshop leader, lecturer, and composer. She has written articles for Chorister Guild LETTERS and the Christian Century, and serves on the national boards of Chorister's Guild and the Alliance for Arts and Understanding. A number of her anthems are available from the Hope Publishing Company.