David Wright


David Wright is Visiting Assistant Professor of English at Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois. He was born in 1966 in Champaign, Illinois and is married with two children. He received an ABD at Loyola University, Chicago; a BA from Millikin University and an MA from Truman State University.

David Wright's musical collaborations with Jim Clemens include hymns, work for college and church choirs and several pieces for children. A teacher of writing and literature, his poems have appeared widely in print, including his collection A Liturgy for Stones (Cascadia, 2003).

David's works include: The Kingdom, with James E. Clemens (World Library, forthcoming); Draw Up the Water from the Well, with James E. Clemens ( Alliance Publications, 2005); Gloria Deo (Kjos, forthcoming); Set Your Troubled Hearts at Rest, with James E. Clemens (World Library, forthcoming); and Jesus Offered Up as Bread with James E Clemens (Sing the Journey, Mennonnite Publishing Network, 2005).

"Song is such a basic aspect of being human, as fundamental as breathing or walking. I'd like young singers to know how much joy they can experience singing, especially with others. As a writer, I give special attention to the words they will sing, hoping that they will be worth repeating year after year, because that's how long a good song lasts--returning over and over as we grow with it."

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