The Mission of the Choristers Guild, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization:

Supporting social responsibility is at the heart of Choristers Guild. Choristers Guild is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) that publishes music as part of our mission, which is: To enable leaders to nurture the musical and spiritual growth of children, youth, and adults. To accomplish this mission, we work with a diverse range of choral leaders, composers, and educators from across the country. Our organization continues to serve alongside these individuals to lift up voices throughout the world.

Our mission is achieved through:

Our organization has celebrated nearly 75 years, and our resources assist in leading directors in leading their choirs with confidence. 

Choristers Guild is the premier source for quality music and educational resources that nurture the artistic, creative, and spiritual nature of all people. In fostering the vitality and sustainability of cooperative and intergenerational music-making, we inspire and empower children, youth, and adults to experience its lifelong mental, physical, and emotional benefits.