Tom S. Long


Tom Long is the director, playwright, and chief storyteller for Friends of the Groom Christian Theater Company. The Cincinnati based organization was founded in 1980, and has traveled widely, performing and leading workshops at thousands of locations from Anchorage to Canterbury. In 1983, the group won first place at the national drama competition sponsored by the Episcopal Foundation for Drama with an original script by Mr. Long. In 1995, Tom won the North American one-act play competition sponsored by Christians in Theater Arts (CITA) for his script Nativity on the Square, and in 1998, he won the CITA comedy sketch writing competition with his scene Loose Connections. In 1997 he was nominated for a Dove Award from the Gospel Music Association for co-writing the children’s musical, Miracle on Bethlehem Street. In 1999, he wrote the screenplays for two Telly Award Winning videos. (The industry award for non-broadcast video production.)

His published works include:

The Complete History of the Old Testament in Twenty Minutes, 1987, Baker’s Plays, Boston.
The Total Church Body Workout,
1987 Baker's Plays, Boston
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Jericho,
1991, The National Christian Education Council of Great Britain
Rescue in the Night,
Words by Tom Long, Music by Allen Pote, 1994, Hope Publishing
The Tale of the Three Trees,
Words by Tom Long, Music by Allen Pote, 1997, Chorister’s Guild
Miracle on Bethlehem Street,
(dialogue only) 1997, Hal Leonard Corporation
The Rockslinger and His Greatest Hit
, Words by Tom Long, Music by Allen Pote, 1998, Hope Publishing
The Miraculous Christmas Wish Radio Show
, (dialogue only), 1999, Hal Leonard Corporation
Once Upon a Parable
, Words by Tom Long, Music by Allen Pote, 2000, Hope Publishing
Malice in the Palace
, Words by Tom Long, Music by Allen Pote, 2003, Hope Publishing
When Silent Voices Sing
, Words by Tom Long, Music by Allen Pote, 2003, Hope Publishing
Chimes in the Night
, Words by Tom Long, Music by Allen Pote, 2004, Hope Publishing
Life of the Party: The Story of Mary and Martha
, Words by Tom Long, Music by Allen Pote, 2006, Hope Publishing

Tom has also served as the youth coordinator for the Episcopal Region of Southwest Ohio, and as a consultant in youth work and theater for a number of schools and social agencies in Ohio.

From 1978 to 1986 Tom worked for Clermont County Youth Services, where he wrote and performed in "The Traveling Medicine Show", a drug education program which uses drama to get its point across.

Tom can still be seen weekly in many parts of the country on public television as the co-host of "Dragons, Wagons, and Wax", a classroom science series for second graders produced in 1978. His educational credits include an M.A. in theatre from the University of Cincinnati, and an A.B. in English from Kenyon College.

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Here are some comments by people who have enjoyed storytelling performances by Tom:

“You have a delightful way of presenting the Gospel, and I rejoice at the skills and imagination with which the Lord has blessed you.” –Bishop Charles Duvall, Episcopal Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast

“In Tom Long’s ‘Old Testament in Twenty Minutes’, you will be thrilled with a delightfully inspired story of creation and redemption in just 20 minutes.” –Fr. Joseph Girzone, Author of the Joshua book series

“I love your wit and talent—but more than anything, I respond to your spirit. Your ministry has a sense of integration that is all important to me.” —Jan Wood, Wilmington College.

“All reports of your three appearances in Williamsburg have been raves. I thank you so much for your part in making the weekend a huge success.” –Mary Davis, Episcopal Church Women, Diocese of S. Virginia

“The Wintermission conference became extraordinary by your presence and the divinely inspired capacity you have to make the Good News so real, so good, and so new.” –Roses Colmore-Taylor, Wintermission Youth Conference, Chattanooga, Tennessee.