Our Staff


Jim Rindelaub Executive Director 469-398-3606 Ext. 227


Mary Anna Salo

Customer Service
Assistant to the Executive Director

469-398-3606 Ext. 225 masalo@mailcg.org
Liann Harris Distribution & Operations Manager 469-398-3606, Ext. 222 lharris@mailcg.org
Sarah Allsup
Permissions & Licensing Coordinator
Institute/Webinar Registrations
469-398-3606, Ext. 231 sallsup@mailcg.org
Ellen Yost

Director of Marketing and Engagement
Membership and Chapter Services

469-398-3606, Ext. 229


Kathy Lowrie Handbell Music Editor 469-398-3606, Ext. 224 klowrie@mailcg.org
Katie Houts Sacred Choral Music Editor 469-398-3606, Ext. 232 khouts@mailcg.org
Mary Lynn Lightfoot School Choral Music Editor 469-398-3606, Ext. 233 mlightfoot@mailcg.org
Susan Eernisse Editor of The Chorister   seernisse@mailcg.org
Lan He Controller 469-398-3606, Ext. 226 lhe@mailcg.org
Karol Kimmell & Chris Nemec
Choristers Guild Institute Directors   institute@mailcg.org

Kent Jin

Supply Chain Analyst 469-398-3606, Ext. 221 kjin@mailcg.org


General contact information:

Choristers Guild
12404 Park Central Drive, Suite 100
Dallas, TX 75251-1802
469-398-3606 OR 1-800-CHORISTER (246-7478)
469-398-3611 (fax)