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CGGIA29 Rejuvenating Senior Voices - Director's Edition

Rejuvenating Senior Voices - Director's Edition

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Director's Edition - Rejuvenating Senior Voices for the Volunteer Choir

Enhancing the Sound and Confidence of Mature Choirs


Author: Michael Kemp

Featuring a Foreword by Helen Kemp


How can choirs maintain and improve their sound and performance skills when they have more mature members? Can older singers learn new techniques? Of course!


Here's a much-needed, timely resource for directors of volunteer choirs. Instead of telling members they're too old to sing, now you can teach them to have better singing posture, more reliable breath support, more accurate intonation, improved blend, greater expressivity and a wonderful sound.


With a wealth of information and exercises that will elevate the skill and sound of your senior members, Michael Kemp shows how all voices can continue to be valuable contributors to the success and enjoyment of the ensemble.


Also available: A Singers' Edition summarizes the techniques and can easily fit in choir folders. (Coming Soon)

Please note that this product is nonreturnable, as it is distributed by Choristers Guild and published by GIA.

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