2022 ACDA Childrens and Community Youth Choir Conductors Retreat


January 15, 2022 through January 16, 2022
Tucson, Arizona


2022 Children’s and Community Youth Choir Conductors’ Retreat will be live and in person! Tucson offers a culturally rich and distinctive location, in the heart of the West! We have a great team working to create a retreat that will remain true to the spirit of this event and also highlight the region, with three areas of focus: Reflect, Reconnect, Rebuild

Over the years, the C&CY Retreat has become the go-to professional development for an inspiring weekend of sessions, music making, and nurtured healing. Cash strapped or no funding available from your organization or school? We are hoping to make some (not all) of the retreat available digitally. Given what we have learned in the past year about virtual conferences, it seems like the right time! 

The retreat is scheduled for January 15 – 16, 2022, with an optional limited enrollment pre-conference session on Friday, January 14, focused on a personal exploration of our attitudes on Access, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Watch for detailed announcements on our Facebook page (ACDA Children & Youth Choirs Repertoire Forum) and here. You know you need to be there!

Questions? Please Contact:
Joy Hirokawa, ACDA National Chair for Children & Community Youth Choirs at ACDANationalChildrenYouth@gmail.com

More information and registration are available online here at acda.org/conferences/childrens-community-youth-choir-conductors-retreat/

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