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Lectionary-based suggestions for all Sundays and major Church holidays.  Lectionary Year B (September) - Year C (June).
*Indicates suggestion matched to Revised Common Lectionary Readings for the date
+Indicates suggestion matched to USCCB Lectionary Readings for the date

 Date Revised Common Lectionary Readings USCCB Readings  Suggested Anthems  Suggested Handbell

Proper 17 (22)

22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

CGA593 All Good Gifts, Honore (Unison, SATB, or Combined Choir)

CGA1288 God Has Work for Us to Do, Miller (SATB)+

Proper 18 (23)

23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

CGA1472 Roll Down, Justice!, Miller (SATB)

CGA1288 God Has Work for Us to Do, Miller (SATB)+


 Proper 19 (24) / Holy Cross

 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

CGA942 Sing Praises to the Mighty God, Hopson (Various voicing options)

CGA747 Prayer Litany, Kemp (Two-part) also available for SATB

CGA1542 Christ Has No Hands But Ours, Porter (SATB)


Proper 20 (25)

 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

CGA1215 Your Servant I Will Be, Patterson (Unison/Two-part)

CGA1203 How Beautiful, Messick (SATB)


Proper 21 (26)

 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

CGA565 Prayer, Sleeth (Unison/Two-part)



Proper 22 (27)

27th Sunday in Ordinary Time

CGA762 Lord, O Lord, Your Name is Wonderful, Hopson (Unison)

CGA1531 Let the Children Come (Waacheni Watoto Waje Kwangu), Burrows (SATB)

CGA1000 Let the Children Come, Kemp (Unison)


Proper 23 (28)

28th Sunday in Ordinary Time

CGA1252 Treasures in Heaven, Messick (Unison/Two-part)

CGB279 I Have Decided to Follow Jesus, Lamb (L1, 3 Oct)
Proper 24 (29)

29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

CGA1215 Your Servant I Will Be, Patterson (Unison/Two-part)

CGA1553 Morning Stars, Singing Together, Kemp (Unison/Two-part)


Proper 25 (30) / Reformation Sunday

30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

CGA817 I Will Rejoice in the Lord, arr. Schoenfeld (Two-part)+*

CGA1518 Beside a Stream of Living Water, Keesecker (SATB) (+ Reformation)

CGA1343 Lord, I Was Blind, Rasbach (SATB)+*


Proper 26 (31) / All Saints Day

 31st Sunday in Ordinary Time

CGA419 I Will Love the Lord, Horman (Unison/Two-part)

CGA1220 A Love Round, Gifford (Two-part)

CGA921 I Sing a Song of the Saints of God, arr. Hopson (combined choirs)+


Proper 27 (32)

32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

CGA649 God's Loving Call, Wold (Unison)

CGA803 Gifts, Marshall (Unison/Two-part)


 Proper 28 (33)

33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

CGA1449 Abide With Me, arr. Hanson (SATB)


Proper 29 (34) / Thanksgiving / Reign of Christ


The Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

CGA1409 A Song of Thanks to the Lord, Slagle Mayo and Shaw Bailey (SATB)+

CGA1415 It Is Good to Give Thanks to the Lord, Bruhn (Unison/Two-part)+

CGA1263 Come, Ye Thankful People, Come, McCoy (SATB) also available for TTBB

CGA1187 All Creatures of Our God and King, arr. Tucker (Combined Choirs)

CGA1562 The King Shall Come When Morning Dawns, arr. Shaw Bailey (SATB)*

CGB624 The King of Glory, Page*+

CGB807 Now Thank We All Our God (3,4, or 5 Oct), Page*+

CGB772 Crown Him with Many Crowns (3,4, or 5 Oct), Moklebust*+

First Sunday of Advent


First Sunday of Advent

CGA1552 Light of Hope Trilogy, Patterson (Unison/Two-part)

CGA973 Will You Be Ready, Patterson (Unison/2-pt)*+   

CGA1283 Alleluia, Rejoice, the Lord Shall Come, Liebargen (SATB)


CGB857 O Come, O Come Emmanuel, Geschke (L2)*+

CGB691 The King Shall Come (3-6 Oct), Moklebust*+

CGB690 The King Shall Come (2-3 Oct), Moklebust*+

Second Sunday of Advent

Second Sunday of Advent

CGA963 Prepare the Way of the Lord, Bedford (2-Part)*+

CGA624 Prepare the Way of the Lord, Hopnson (2/3)+

CGB857 O Come, O Come Emmanuel, Geschke (L2)*+

CGB808 Long Ago Prophets Knew, Lamb*+

CGB855 Comfort, Comfort, Mocklebust*+

Third Sunday of Advent


Third Sunday of Advent

CGA1320 Let Every Heart Prepare a Throne, Patterson*+

CGA963 Prepare the Way of the Lord, Bedford*+

CGA624 Prepare the Way of the Lord, Hopson*+

CGB751 Advent Fantasy, Phillips*+

CGB798 Fling Wide the Door, McFadden*+

Fourth Sunday of Advent
Fourth Sunday of Advent

CGA1498 Mary's Song, Baker (Unison/Two-part)*+

CGA1465 Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming, Hanson

CGA1517 A Spotless Rose, Shelton  

CGA838 Nova, Nova, Bedford (Unison)*+

CGB857 O Come, O Come Emmanuel, Geschke (Lvl 2)*+

CGB751 Advent Fantasy, Phillips*+


Christmas Eve

Vigil Mass

CGA1516 Shepherds Watched Their Flocks, Peters
CGA1558 Angels We Have Heard on High. Manor (SATB)
CGA1460 Angels We Have Heard on High, Manor (Unison/Two-part)
CGA1474 Sing We Nowell!, Taylor
CGA1365 Gloria in Excelsis, Edwards (Uni/2-pt)*+
CGA1369 Lo! Newborn Jesus, Shelton (Combined)*+ 
CGA1363 Jesu Bambino, Thompson (SATB or solo)*+
CGA1366 O Come, Little Children, Hopson (U/2)*+


CGB849 While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks (2-3), Eithun*+

CGB850 While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks (3,4,5), Eithun*+

CGB762 I Wonder as I Wander, Moklebust*

CGB838  Jesu Bambino, Thompson (L3)*+

CGB844 Lo, How a Rose, Moklebust (L4)*+

Christmas Day


Christmas Day

CGA826 Carol of the Holy Family, Hopson (SAB)

CGA1353 Good Christian Friends, Rejoice (Uni/2-pt)*+

CGA1369 For Unto Us, Edwards (SAT)*+
CGA1365 Gloria in Excelsis, Edwards (U/2)*+


CGB811 Go Tell It!, Thompson*+

CGB709 Carol of the Bells (2-3 Oct), Moklebust*+

CGB508 Ding, Dong Merrily on High, Gramann*+

First Sunday after Christmas

The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph

CGA1367 Living God's Love, Patterson (Unison/Two-part)

CGA1344 All Creatures of the Earth and Sky, arr. Page (SATB a cappella)


Epiphany of the Lord

The Epiphany of the Lord

CGA1469 Arise, Shine!, Keesecker

CGA1066 May My Light Shine, Bailey/Slagle Mayo*+

CGA1361 Shine Your Light!, Taylor (Unison)*+

CGB852 We Three Kings, Tucker*+

CGB396 We Three Kings (2-3 Oct), Stephenson*+

CGB397 We Three Kings (3-5 Oct), Stephenson*+

CGB778 Shine Jesus Shine, McChesney*+

Baptism of the Lord


The Baptism of the Lord

CGA493 Song for Beginnings, Riehle (Uni/2-pt)*+
CGA929 In the Beginning, Reeves (Unison)*+
CGA1380 Children of the Heavenly Father, Bakken (Uni/2-Pt)*


Children of the Heavenly Father, Moklebust (from CGB759 Ring Around the Year)*

CGB329 Spirit of God, Descend Upon My Heart, Stephenson*+

 Second Sunday after the Epiphany

2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time



Third Sunday after the Epiphany/Presentation of the Lord

3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time



 Fourth Sunday after the Epiphany

4th Sunday in Ordinary Time



 Fifth Sunday after the Epiphany

5th Sunday in Ordinary Time


 17-Feb-19  Sixth Sunday after the Epiphany  6th Sunday in Ordinary Time


24-Feb-19 Seventh Sunday after the Epiphany 7th Sunday in Ordinary Time    
3-Mar-19 Transfiguration Sunday 8th Sunday in Ordinary Time    
6-Mar-19 Ash Wednesday Ash Wednesday    
First Sunday in Lent  
First Sunday of Lent



 Second Sunday in Lent  Second Sunday of Lent


Third Sunday in Lent Third Sunday of Lent



Fourth Sunday in Lent/Annunciation Fourth Sunday of Lent

CGA1385 So Great Salvation, Hanson (SATB)


Fifth Sunday in Lent Fifth Sunday in Lent


Palm Sunday
Palm Sunday of the Lord's Passion

CGA487 Lo, He Comes!, Horman
CGA1485 Antiphonal Processional, Hopson
CGA1358 Look Who’s Coming, Bedford (Unison)*+
CGA1360 Hosanna! Blessed is He! Hopson (Combined)*+
CGA1306 Hosanna to the Lord, Slagle Mayo*+
CGA84 Little Grey Donkey, Sleeth*+


Sweet Hosannas Ring! from CGB829/830 Spring Ring, Waldrop*+

CGB245 All Glory, Laud and Honor, Tucker*+

CGB624 The King of Glory, Page*+

Maundy Thursday
Holy Thursday

CGA1484 Remember Me, Boesiger
CGA666 Oh, What Beauty, Lord, Appears, McKay*+
CGA741 Love One Another, Hopson*+
CGA871 Garden of Gethsemane, Pote*+
CGA532 The Last Supper, Pote*+


CGB675 Nearer, My God, to Thee, Geschke*+
CGB681 Dies Irae - Full Score, Glasgow*+
CGB551 Gift of Finest Wheat, Tucker*+


Good Friday
Good Friday

CGA1385 So Great Salvation, Hanson (SATB)

CGA1533 Were You There?, arr. Hanson (SATB)

CGA1346 I Saw the Cross of Jesus, Johnson (SATB)*+

CGB682 Dies Irae - Handbell Score, Glasgow*+ (Full Score available)
CGB821 In the Shadow of the Cross, Moats (L2+)*+

Easter Sunday
The Resurrection of the Lord/The Mass of Easter Sunday

CGA1453 The Lord Is Risen (He is Risen Indeed!), Kemp (Unison) 

Concertato on Christ the Lord is Risen Today, Hopson (SATB)

CGB428/429 An Easter Carillon - Full Score, Tucker*+

CGB817 Alleluia! Amen!, Buckwalter (L1+)*+

Second Sunday of Easter
Second Sunday of Easter/ Sunday of Divine Mercy



Third Sunday of Easter
Third Sunday of Easter  


 12-May-19  Fourth Sunday of Easter/Mother's Day Fourth Sunday of Easter

CGA1296 The 23rd Psalm, Taylor*
CGA551 The Lord is My Shepherd (SATB), Pote*   
CGA551 The Lord is My Shepherd, Pote (SATB)* (also available for U/2-pt)
CGA1323 God is There, Schultz (U)*+
CGA1121 You Are the Hands, Shaw Bailey/Slagle Mayo (U/2)*+
CGA1185 Those Who Love and Care for Me, Hancock Wright (U)*+


CGB628 The Lord is My Shepherd Psalm 23, Moklebust*

CGB387 The Lord is My Shepherd, Pote*

CGB116 The Shepherd’s Psalm, Kerr*

19-May-19  Fifth Sunday of Easter

Fifth Sunday of Easter


 26-May-19  Sixth Sunday of Easter/Ascension  


 CGB585 Hail the Day that Sees Him Rise, Edwards (L3)*


Seventh Sunday of Easter



 9-June-19  Day of Pentecost

CGA502 Pentecost Fire, Southwick-Cool (U)*+
CGA769 Spirit Trilogy, Wilkinson (SAB)*+
CGA508 With the Help fo the Spirit of the Lord, Southwick-Cool (U)*+


 CGB630 Come Holy Spirit Invocation, Tucker (L3)*+
CGB329 Spirit of God Descend Upon My Heart, Stephenson (L2+)*+
CGB483 I'm Gonna Sing When the Spirit Says Sing, Stephenson (L2+)*=

 16-June-18  Trinity Sunday/ First Sunday after Pentecost  

CGA731 We are Children of Our God, Jothen (U/2)+
CGA1171 Tunomba Mungu Atawale We Pray God to Reign, Paradowski (U or C)*+
CGA668 Praise to the Trinity, Glover (U/2)*+
CGA1373 Uyai Mose, Holland (SATB)*+


CGB847 Holy God We Praise Your Name, Ingram (L1)*+
CGB433 Toccata on Holy, Holy, Holy, Moklebust (L4)*+
CGB398 Holy, Holy, Holy, Eithun (L1)*+
CGB287 Holy God We Praise Your Name, Page (L2)*+