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CGBK64 A Child Shall Lead Children in Worship Book

CGBK64 A Child Shall Lead Children in Worship Book
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Designed for Pastors who want to involve children more fully in worship; Choir Directors who want to ensure that the choir is not just an ornament in worship, but an integral part of the service; Christian Educators who are interested in the spiritual development of their students; and Parents who care about chldren's participation in worship.  This book provides 3 types of resources: a vision with principles for the role of children in Christian congregations and communities, strategies for teaching children about worship in a classroom, choir rehearsal or chldren's sermon, and articles and resources for planning worship services that involve children more extensively. This book is compiled from the writings of many authors and is intended for use in a wide range of Christian denominations. Customize ideas for your own congregation.

Text Author: John D. Witvliet